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Agency Services

Our best quality services include all Turkish Ports and Straits (Istanbul Bosphorus and Dardanalles) and North Cyprus Ports. We also provide crew changes, bunker and lubrication oil supplies, fresh water and provisions supplies, spare parts and technical parts supplies, navigational equipments and ship store supplies. Garbage removal and liquid and compact wastes removal services.

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Chartering, Brokering, Management

For international dry cargo transports arranging contracts of affreightements, shipbroker services, chartering and ship management services.

Import & Export

Intermediatory trading services for exporting from Turkey, sepiolite (cat litter), magnesite and clay products towards European Union, other European countries and to Asia.

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Stevodoring, cargo surveys, storage and customs

We provide loading, discharging, storing, custom brokegare, surveying services to all importers and exporters including follow up of operations from vessel’s hold to final destination of the cargo at all Turkish ports.